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June 25, 2010



June 24, 2010

Exploded Can Of Diet Coke

The Road Dreamed Forever

August 7, 2009

Been thinking of doing a blog for ages but couldn’t think of a decent name. Still can’t but this will do until a better one comes along.

Not sure where this name came from. I wrote it down last year on a huge list of possible blog names most of which were lifted from obscure punk 7″s. It’s probably a reference to the Jimmy Webb/Richard Harris song The Yard Went On Forever. (I’ll blog about that piece of late 60’s oddness later.) It’s about as far from punk as you can imagine… The non used names included things like UFO Dictator and Twinkie Madness – much more punk you see…

So yeah this is my blog. I am going to add more writing, add some music, video and art, and just basically see where this all takes me.

Should be fun..

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