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And Then I Kissed Your Lips: Gary Wilson and Me.

And Then I Kissed Your Lips

Gary Wilson and Me. By Alan Holt. I’m a week late. This was meant to be in Duncan’s inbox a week ago. I thought I had already done it. I was wrong. Duncan rang me on my cell today. I didn’t recognize the number as I am always on time. He never has to call me. What had gone wrong? Why had I fucked up? Two reasons… I got totally hooked into the last three or so books of Harry Potter and also started playing the Warbook game on Facebook. I’m currently a 12 level Magician with nearly 10,000 acres of territory in my kingdom. Duncan introduced me to the game so it’s his fault. I’m losing valuable playing time typing this. You all better enjoy this and learn heaps. I hope no one attacks me in the next couple of hours…

Ok Gary Wilson? Who is he? Why do we care? Mr. Wilson recorded his album in 1977 in his parent’s basement. He self released it. He wrote all the songs and played all the music and sang. He called it “You think You Really Know Me”. I first learned of it in a Forced Exposure mail-order catalogue. (FE was originally a really great underground music fanzine in the 80’s. Sometime in the early 90’s they started selling all the great music they were writing about. They had some really great stuff.) The owner Jimmy Johnson listed Gary’s album and was somewhat desultory in his description of it. I think he said something like it was a questionable re-issue and that it belonged in the wacky ‘real people’ genre of music with William Shatner’s Transformed Man and the ‘put your poems to music’ people. I dimly remember him referencing it as music made by someone who wanted to sound like Steely Dan or Supertramp but was too incompetent to get there. He obviously. Did. Not. Get. It.

The album went out of print before I was able to purchase it and I was bummed but then a decade later it was re-issued. Hooorrah dudes! I was not disappointed. “You think You Really Know Me” was a deeply twisted piece of primo New Wave weirdness. Gary croons like a white bread Barry White all sexy and deep with a totally weird and wired synthezoid backing. Song titles include “Groovy Girls Make Love On the Beach.” ‘6.4 = Make Out” and “And Then I Kissed Your Lips”… Unhinged lounge with a side order of funky.

I soon learned I was not the only fan. Beck sang about him in his song “Where It’s At”, Motel Records went as far as hiring a Private Investigator to find him so they could re-issue his album, and hip hop hipster extraordinaire Peanut Butter Wolf released his first new recordings in 30 years called ‘Mary Had Brown Hair’. An album of new songs are in the works and his lounge act play semi regular Friday and Saturday nights at a local Californian restaurant. I think we should go.

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  1. December 12, 2009 8:57 am

    I have an original of the LP that I gladly paid out for. It’s an incredibly intimate record and perfect for bedroom voyeurs; a peak into the mind of someone living on the precarious edge of reality.

    The insert that comes with the LP is really marvelous. A photo of him dedicated to his “girlfriends.”



    Aaron Levin
    Weird Canada / Cantor Records /

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