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Revolution Kerikeri Style!

You may not have known this – you may have been too busy listening to TLC or watching Roseanne on the telly – but in 1995 a punk rock revolution rocked the quiet town of Kerikeri. An unusual place for a punk explosion but it happened. It happened in Penny Collins’s family rumpus room. Three 16 year old girls Amy Liz and Penny formed a punk band called Goldifox. Primal bass drums and guitar; authentic and inspired. Punk DIY all the way and gloriously primitive.

This was before the Internet took hold of daily life; there was no Yahoo, no Google and definitely no Myspace. The Internet existed but it was for nerds, and it was very very boring. If you were a teenager in a small town in NZ it was very difficult to learn about non-mainstream music. You learned of bands from word of mouth; friends tell friends who tell friends. You had to make pen pals with people from other cities and countries (using – gasp – snailmail…) and you had to mail-order. You traded tapes, you wrote many letters and you bought and traded as many fanzines as you could find.

Liz, Penny and Amy’s punk rock education began from reading Nirvana interviews. Through Kurt C they learned about Bikini Kill, Sonic Youth, The Germs and many others. The world outside of Kerikeri learned about Goldifox when a lathecut picture disc turned up at Crawlspace Records on K’Rd. It was one sided and contained 3 songs; two originals and their own original take on the Germs classic Forming. Recorded on a cassette tape with a microphone from Dick Smith the disc’s lo-fidelity could not mask the uniqueness and quality of the songs; second song ‘Mike Watt Tribute’ becoming an instant classic.

Encouraged by the positive response to the record and the general desire to explore the world outside of Kerikeri Goldifox made several forays into Auckland and Wellington, playing shows, doing a live to air on BFM and releasing a final record this time on real vinyl. Auckland’s Bunny’ Boutique put the record out through it’s girl rock orientated Girl Alliance label. Four songs forever immortalized on black vinyl including their all time classic Minor Hate. Minor Hate had perhaps the punkest lyrics ever screamed through a $4.95 Dick Smith microphone. The entire lyrics are as follows:

This is not a minor hate/ This is not a minor hate/This is not a minor hate/I hate you lots/ and lots and lots /and lots and lots /and lots and lots!

Goldifox broke up before their Girl Alliance record came out. Amy went to Australia, Penny went solo as the Sound Laydee and had a band called the Bobbins and Liz formed many bands and now lives in Scotland and plays in the band Evil with David Mitchell of the 3Ds and Roddy of Constant Pain. There has been talk of a NZ tour. I hope they go to Kerikeri.

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