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The Best Band In The World: Supercar

There is a moment that happens once (sometimes more) in every band history when somewhere at sometime, maybe at a gig but most likely in the practice room, some smelly garage, bedroom or disheveled warehouse space that something clicks, some mixture of alcohol or pot , some cosmic rays from on high coupled with perhaps just the right acoustics, just the right temperature making their valves amps scream with holy awe and everyone just so in tune like some roaring beast that that band is at that moment – The Best Band In the World. Ask any anyone in a band, any musician and they will tell you that yeah a year ago last Tuesday in the practice room every song gelled, every lick was pure electricity, the drums kicked, the ground shook and yeah they ruled like nothing else. “You should have been there man! We were awesome.”

One Friday evening in the early 1990s a pub at the bottom of Queen Street was treated to the best band in the world; a heinously under documented and short lived band called Supercar. A super (excuse the pun) group of sorts springing from the dirty rock vibrations of Frisbee Studios, the community that would one day bring forth the D4 but at that moment had a slew of equally great but much less well known bands like Gestalt, Smak and the Psycho Daisies. Members of Supercar would later grace the ranks of Shaft, Dimmer, Snapper, D4 and King Loser.

That night at Punch & Judys, Supercar exploded on to and then off of the stage. Harsh layers of multi-timbred feedback and distortion all held together by the Sly & Robbie of the Frisbee garage scene: Rich Mixture and Steve Pikelet. The singer Craig was often a nasty drunk but he was even nastier as a drunk singer/front man. Think Lee Ving of the band punk Fear from the 1st Decline movie. (Haven’t seen it? You should!) Arrogant and aggressive with a total ‘don’t fuck with us’ demeanor as he would casually shove his microphone into the PA speaker sending a burst of feedback into the crowd. Ouch! (But in a good way.)

By the end of the show a pig pile of bodies, band and audience alike, littered the front of the stage while drummer Steve Pikelet nonchalantly powered along, sunglasses on and an expression that read “Yeah I do this all the time.”

Supercar were not just noise; underneath the noise and chaos there were actual real songs with hooks and melodies, and Craig could actually sing.

Guitarist Cameron loved to point out “We hide our hooks so no one will rip us off!”

Very little recorded evidence exists; The Frisbee Studio mystery man The Tegal Chicken recorded them on his 8 track and then disappeared and Matthew Heine recorded their cover of J. Geils Band Centerfold for his and Andy Moore’s unreleased One Hit Wonders compilation.

Supercar played a handful of shows over the next year with their last one ever at the Pelican Bar. An extra drunken performance ended with broken glass and several broken microphones. An argument ensued between guitarist Roddy (nattily dressed in a red white and blue jacket with built in cape.) and manager Z Bob and after much shouting and tense words a disgruntled Roddy departed the scene; guitar in hand, Evel Knievel cape fluttering in the moonlight.

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  1. Cameron permalink
    August 10, 2009 12:41 pm


  2. steve pikelet permalink
    February 6, 2010 12:49 am

    and a full version of events will be coming up in my book, ‘Kiwi Animal’ WATCH OUT MUTHA LICKAS!!

  3. April 28, 2015 9:54 pm

    Actually… A full version of events is HERE!

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