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Who is Davey G?

My first awareness of the music of Dave Graham occurred while hanging with my friends John and Rob during a mighty vodka soaked weekend in the heinous end of the late 80’s. We got into the usual drunken discussion of “what was the most rock and roll thing any of us had ever seen”. I can’t remember what my answer was but both John and Rob said without any hesitation “Gestalt”. Not only that they said it in a way that implied that what they has seen was almost beyond comprehension.

Gestalt was a young local Auckland band led by a guy named Dave Graham. They lasted for a few years, gigging and recording a still unreleased triple album and eventually morphed into one of New Zealand greatest yet unheralded bands – the Rainy Days.

The Rainy Days began as a trio playing unannounced at other peoples shows (guerilla rock n roll if you will); sometimes playing in the entrance ways to gigs, other times playing in front of the stage before the main band came on. They released two tapes in their 1st incarnation and then exploded into a mammoth 10+ piece band. It was Auckland’s Summer Of Love and they were channeling the total hot shit vibrations. They were like Can circa Delay ‘68 meets Safe As Milk Captain Beefheart meets pre-70’s Stones with both the songs and performances to match. They played gob smacking amazing shows; huge sprawling bands with backup singers, horn players, drummers galore. It was pure caveman rock with the angels looking down and the heavens opening up. Amazing.

A decade later the Rainy Days still exist and they have released three killer albums that you should own. The Rainy Days were The White Stripes support band of choice in Wellington (and Australia too apparently but the band couldn’t travel at that time.) The latest album is called Face Work. It was called “absolutely bloody fantastic” by the Sunday Star Times. You may have heard Youth Of Today from that album on Student Radio. Beside the Rainy Days, Dave has two other bands WWIV and the Konduits Of Konsumption. You should buy their CDs too. All killer. No filler.

It is really difficult to truly convey on the printed page the multi-dimensional funkified mega-grooves that is the Dave Graham Experience. The English language is simply not up to it. Dave in my opinion (and many others too) is a rare musical genius. He has a gift for rebuilding rock and roll using the same old building blocks of guitar bass drums and vocals into a uniquely exciting, fresh and rocking experience. He writes fantastic lyrics as well.

When not writing, recording and playing live with his many bands Dave keeps busy trying to end world hunger with his “Feed The World Thursday” program. He’s also created his own language! Last year he went to Nepal and taught it to the children there. (I am not making this up) Go to his website and check it out and in a month or so check out his new EP ‘Cōk Sucker Blues’ with his funk band Graeme Graham and the Konduits of Konsumption. It’s psychedelic funky and mean. It’s the cats pajamas ladies and gentleman.

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  1. Cameron permalink
    August 10, 2009 12:43 pm

    i am glad to hear he is still ruling.

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