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Record Labels: Pink Air & Girl Alliance

Pink Air and Girl Alliance were two record labels that Stella and I did in the late 90s – mid 2000s to release our own music and the music of local bands/artists we liked. I will probably update the blurbs when I get a spare moment; now that most if not all of this stuff is out of print there is not much need for the 90s fanzine style hard sell. (Mind you I still think most of the stuff on this page has passed the test of time and is still pretty great..)

fp2 Fake Purr 7″ – Fake 001

Self-released 2nd lathecut from AK all girl quartet fronted by librarian/genius Brenda D. Four songs about Nazis, Bears, Wolves, Ponies and RTR Countdown. Catchy and primal rock with a touch of outsider class. Very hip.

Lathe cut. (Sold out)

pa13 White Saucer 3″ CDR pinkair 013

1st new recordings from White Saucer in over two years features minimalist sound blather , transcendental stylaphone symphonies, digitalised garage psych jams and a mournful velvets inspired drug anthem/ode to Christchurch film maker Paul Johns. Individually handmade covers. A lovely document. (Sold out)

pa12 Xanadu Remixes by White Saucer CDR Pink Air012

For non frequenters of the Kings Arms tavern in Auckland New Zealand Xanadu and the new thing in the NZ underground rock scene. Described by one critic as “Chrome meets the Urinals in Jeff Lynn’s private pink formica jaccuzzi. “

This release contains unreleased 4-track recordings remixed, reshuffled and smothered over in stunning analogue hiss with loving disrespect by Alan and Stella of White Saucer. Psychedelic, psychotic and more then a little blasted. Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack (Sold out)

pa11 Sweetcakes Compilation CDR Pink Air013

Collecting both out of print Sweetcakes lathecuts Pink Drums 7″ and the untitled double 7″.

“Creating lustrous drones and chaotic affronts, Corkery makes the best of her home recording methods to create sounds both formless and other worldly.” – Dan Vallor (Pop Watch #10)

Hand made covers and vastly superior sound to the originals. (Sold out)

pa10 Soundlaydee 4 Song 8″ Pink Air010

1st solo outing from Goldifox/J.O.B/Revengers mainstay Penny Collins. Obsessed with the 80’s music of her Kerikeri childhood Penny fashioned these songs from the aether with her casiotone, her Yamaha and her attitude. Punk rap and lonely girl singing. Something for everybody. Recorded and mixed by Alan Holt of White Saucer. Lathecut. (Sold out)

pa9 Lovely Midget – 7″ Pink Air 009

3 Song lathecut from Ecstatic Peace/Corpus Hermeticum recording artist Rachel Shearer. Two new uber drone pieces and a sabbath cover (?!!) Hand drawn/painted covers. Very nice and very limited. MMmmmm.Lathe cut. (Sold out)

pa7 The Revengers – Mancillia/Shutdown 7″ Pink Air007

Sjionel of the Coolies straps on a guitar for her new band with Penny and liz. Originally conceived as their “hardrock” band this is a live in the practice room version of their hit song about Celia Mancini of King Loser. Side two is a Germs cover. Both songs are great. Lathe cut. (Sold out)

pa6 Cameron Bain 7″ Pink Air006

One half of rock monsters Constant Pain goes it alone with this 7″ of disfigured blues. Handmade covers featuring Powerman & Iron Fist , the Tarantula and The Human Fly the world’s 1st Hispanic superhero. Lathe cut. (Sold out)

pa45 Sweatcakes – Double 7″ Pink Air004/5

4 sides of guitar, electronics, drums, and kids toys. Fully formed songs and freeform experimentation. Sprawling. Lathe cut.(Sold Out)

pa3 White Saucer – Built To Die/Fire On Your Horizon 8″ Pink Air003

“Maniac keening against the wind from the hills. Heather scorched by the hell-flame of his passing. A chrome monster screaming hatred-high against all pursuers.”Biker rock for the spacially impaired. Hand drawn cover. Lathe cut. (Sold Out)

pa2 White Saucer – Pheonix/Give It Up 1+2 7″ Pink Air002

Guitar/drums/electronics improv duo of Stella Corkery and Alan Holt. Side one is an ode to both Billy TK & Sun Ra. Side two is punk rock and electronic squall respectively. Hand drawn cover. Lathe cut. (Sold Out)

pa1 Sweetcakes – Pink Drums 7″ Pink Air001

Percussion only 7″ from Stella Corkery (White Saucer/ QMP/Angelhead/Fake Purr) A psychedelic journey in space and beyond. A drum kit and household percussion revolution.
Lathe cut. (Sold Out)


Coolies – S/T 7″ Girl Alliance 003

Three girls from South Auckland destroy the world with guitar bass & drums. If the Shangrilas lived in Manurewa, wrote all their own songs and listened to punk rock they might’ve sounded something like this. Best 7″ single since Sun Stabbed, Calling All Girls & Wild Thing. Vinyl!(Sold Out)

Goldifox – Tool Set 7″ Girl Alliance 002

Goldifox are what happens when Liz and Penny from JOB are joined in riotious punkitude by Amy also of Kerikeri. Scream your guts out. Kick you in the face. Primitive & inspired. Is Kerikeri the new Seattle/ Olympia/ Japan/Dunedin/Norway? Probably… Vinyl! (Sold out)

job Jewl Of Bessamoocho- Digga Digga Digga 7″ Girl Alliance 001

The Jewl Of Bessamoocho are two girls (Liz and Penny) from Kerikeri New Zealand and their friend Eri the Japanese exchange student and the founder of the Anti Fake The Beatles Union. Together they have recorded 4 songs of no-fi clatter and pop that will make you cry with their beauty. Mysterious and exotic punk-o-pop. Vinyl! (Sold out)


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